Ski 4 Kids Free Rentals

Skiku is is providing FREE ski gear to check out for youth to use at the Ski 4 Kids event on Saturday, Feb 26th starting at 11:30am for 12pm–3:30pm event. Equipment must be returned by 4:00pm.

Please select a pair of SKIS, BOOTS, and POLES (optional) for each participant and then go through “checkout” process.

Select “Local Pickup” as shipping option.

Please add participant name(s) in order notes

Some equipment available for parents to participate on skis with their children

Find us at the Kincaid Park STADIUM Parking lot (Lower Lot) — Look for the Skiku Banner and tent.

*ONLINE WAIVER LINK: — Waiver required to participate*

**Face masks must be worn at all times during checkout and check-in to minimize risk of COVID-19 transmission.**

***Please bring a Drivers license or other ID to leave while gear is checked out***

****ALL SKIKU GEAR USES NNN BINDINGS. Do not bring SNS boots or bindings if you plan to use some of your own gear with any Skiku equipment that you are borrowing. SNS gear will not be compatible and will not fit.****

Rentals may also be available at local ski and outdoor recreation shops if we are out of the sizes that you are looking for.

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