The Skiku coaching team is comprised of volunteers, including Olympians, World Cup skiers, elite high school skiers, college skiers and professional coaches.  The quality of instruction delivered is grounded in experience and personal commitment to the sport.  Additionally, the coaches serve as positive, physically active and self-motivated role models.  

Teams of staff and volunteer coaches deliver instruction at local schools, often during regularly scheduled physical education classes. They also provide after-school cross-country ski and biathlon clinics for both children and adults. In total, each community receives five full days of instruction. Additionally, we connect our volunteer coaches with youth skiing opportunities in Anchorage at schools and special events throughout the winter months.

To quote one of our volunteer coaches from last season:

My visit to Hooper Bay was life-changing. In my short time there I watched kids flourish; they took on leadership, advocated for themselves, and learned about aspects of the world that are new to them.

-Vanessa Duhrsen 


What does a day of village ski coaching look like?

  • Our coaches provide skiing instruction to Physical Education classes throughout the school day. Our coaches love to stop by the lunchroom to share a meal with the students, getting to know them on and off skis.
  • After-school ski lessons are open to everyone – students and their families are encouraged to ski!
  • After dinner, skiing with teachers and adults in the community can take place if there is interest.
  • Participation in school and community events, cultural celebrations, and playing with students in the gym are all highly encouraged!