Village-to-Village Skiing

Possibly one of the more unique features of our program for coaches is the opportunity to ski from one village to the next. Our hardy coaches have skied from Kotzebue to Kiana (75 miles),  Kotzebue to Noatak (63 miles), Kiana to Noorvik (24 miles), Ambler to Shungnak (33 miles), Noatak to Kivalina (53 miles), Noorvik to Selawik (35 miles) and Shungnak to Kobuk (10 miles). The Northwest Arctic has a well marked winter trail system with trail markers guiding skiers along routes typically used by snowmachines, the primary mode of transportation in winter. Typical Arctic spring conditions greet skiers each day – blue skies and ample sun lasting well into evening. Among their supplies, some traditional foods, such as Muktuk and dried caribou.  An added bonus – wildlife sightings, or perhaps skiing through a herd of 2,000 caribou, as was done during one village-to-village ski. For an overview of the route, check out the Northwest Arctic Trail Map.