Infrared Laser Biathlon Program Biathlon traditionally combines cross country skiing with small-bore rifle marksmanship, but across the world it has many variations that pair shooting with running, mountain biking, rowing, weight lifting, circuit strength, etc. The Skiku Infrared Laser Biathlon Program focuses on students in 4th grade and above and is completely gym-based and flexible so it can be integrated easily into your gym classes. The activities and competitions outlined below only require standard gym clothing for students plus the infrared rifles and a few cones to be used as barriers to separate the shooting area from the rest of the gym. Infrared laser rifles are a great tool for teaching gun safety and all the necessary fundamentals that are needed to achieve expert marksmanship. With practice anybody can become proficient at handling a biathlon rifle and the drills and games in this handbook will help you and your students along the way.

Download the below document to have a complete guide to laser rifle biathlon.