Firearms Safety is our Top Priority!

The infrared laser rifles use light instead of bullets and are very accurate. There are a few fundamental rules that all participants must observe. Students should be corrected as part of a normal learning environment. However, repeated safety concerns and/or blatantly disrespecting the process or equipment is unacceptable. 

  1. NEVER point a firearm or the laser rifles at people. Laser rifles should only be pointed at targets when they are properly set up on a designated ‘range’ area and nobody is downrange.
    When the guns are not being fired, they must be held with the barrel pointed straight up or laid on the firing line with the barrel pointed downrange. 
    Although the guns are bright colors and don’t shoot projectiles, they should always be treated just like you would handle any other firearm. 
  2. Only put your finger on the trigger when the gun is pointed downrange and you are ready to fire.
  3. The bolt remains open until the laser rifle is pointed downrange and you are ready to fire. It’s a good habit to leave the bolt back so that you practice the loading sequence.
  4. Once the laser rifle range is set up, only coaches should go downrange and only when no one is shooting.