Quick Start

This page is designed for volunteers of Skiku or visitors that want to take kids skiing and have a limited amount of time to read through all the provided information. 

  • ​Develop and teach the students a process for picking up and putting back equipment. While this might take some time the first day, it will save lots of time over the course of the week.
  • Have a handful of activities for each session. Kids have short attention spans and different groups respond differently to activities. Be ready to switch activities quickly and have a plan in place to do so.
  • Start each day with a warm up ski. This helps kids get used to the equipment and work out the initial excitement before having to focus for more structured instruction. 
  • Kids are automatically drawn to the closest hill. Just embrace it and teach ascending/descending skills right away to those that just can’t stay away from the hill
  • In the lesson plans section, use the Guided Instruction part of each plan to get the heart of the plan

Day 1 Lesson

  • Learn how to put on skis- no poles
  • Introduction to skating/games
  • Explore small downhill
  • Introduce sidestep and/or herringbone to get up hill

Day 2 Lesson

  • Introduce small uphills/downhills to all
  • Introduction to skating
  • One ski drills
  • Ski without poles
  • Easy games: What time is it Mr. Fox, Red light/green light, Run caribou run
  • Follow the leader

Day 3 Lesson

  • Larger uphills/downhills
  • Slalom
  • Ski ball
  • Destination Ski

Day 4 Lesson

  • Ski loop through village
  • Slalom/hockey stop
  • Herringbone or skating uphill
  • Relay races

Day 5 Lesson

  • Destination Ski
  • Relay races
  • Town races