Short Games

These games are good for beginners, if you want to work on a specific skill for just a few minutes, or need to take up some time while everyone is still arriving to practice.

Hit the Deck!

Practice falling, rolling onto the back to untangle skis. Place skis on snow parallel to each other. Then move for- ward onto knees to get up. Slide one ski forward and push up. 

The Hokey Pokey 

Stand the group in a circle and sing/say: “Put your left ski in, put your left ski out, you put your left ski in and you shake it all about. Then you do the hokey pokey and you turn yourself about. That’s what it’s all about.” Do whatever the lyrics tell you to do. Repeat with various body parts and pieces of equipment. 


Same as the game of squares drawn on pavement with crayons! Use food coloring or spray paint, or simply draw the squares in the snow with a ski pole. Use an extra hat or a pine bough to throw on the hopscotch square. 

Red Light/Green Light 

Have the skiers moving randomly around you. Then say, “Red Light!” Give skiers 5 seconds after to stop and try to hold the position they were caught in. When you say “Green Light” they can begin moving again. 

Simon Says

This game is popular with younger skiers. “Simon Says: step sideways; now hop up and down . . .”