Club Development and General Resources

 U.S. Ski and Snowboard is the governing body for cross country skiing in the U.S. They have developed a system to educate coaches and to provide resources for clubs around the country. If you are interested in accessing the resources they provide, I highly suggest becoming a USSA member. This gives you access to their educational videos that cover everything from technique to coaching strategies to nutrition. They also offer coaching certification. Their are different levels of coaching certification that can be done. All levels have a manual with many resources as well as a clinic component. Some of their resources are accessible to the public, check out their website to see what is available:

The New England Nordic Ski Association (NENSA) has also developed a number of resources to help develop programs for youth. NENSA refers to their youth league as the Bill Koch League or BKL. Their website has resources for all ages and abilities and covers everything from goal setting to waxing to games. You can also purchase the Bill Koch League Leader/Parent Manual that is a great resource for starting a program.

Technique Videos: The following links are for videos that show examples of cross country skiing at the highest level. They provide more examples than the short videos in the lesson plans both for instructors and students to study. 

World Cup Video:
This site has access to many World Cup races. The World Cup is the premier circuit for cross country skiing. 

Norweigen Technique Videos: Cross country skiing is a very popular sport in Norway and therefore has lots of resources available. The following videos are in Norwegian, however, provide great visual examples of excellent skiing. 
Classic Striding:
Double Pole:
Kick Double Pole:
V2 Alternate:
Free Skate:

Racing and Skiing in Alaska:

Cross Country Alaska
Nordic Ski Association of Anchorage
Arctic Winter Games
Nordic Ski Club of Fairbanks